Termite Damage Repair

Termites will eat just about anything that contains cellulose, which is why they love the wood beams that make up your home's structure. Termites can enter your home at ground level or at your roofline, and eat their way into the surrounding wood. Once termites have had their fill, they leave as quickly as they came.

Structural Damage

Structural wood components damaged by termites are the most difficult to repair. Our team of experts surgically replaces the termite infested wood without disturbing the rest of your home.

Stopping the Invasion

Once the damaged wood is replaced, your home is patched up to make sure there is no longer an access point for termites to enter. We can also identify other possible access points and close them off before termites or other critters find their way into your home.

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Termite Infestation

Termite Damage Wood Beams

Repaired Termite Damage in Wood Beams